Hello and welcome to the beer-pope’s site.

My name is Conrad Seidl – and you may have heard that “Seidl” means a small measure or a glass of beer in many areas of the German speaking countries. That is right: Beer drinking vessels are called Seidel, Seidl, Seidla etc. in various regions – the term relates to the latin word “situla” for a small flask or mug. As I was born with such an inspiring name I decided to make “Bierpapst” (pope of beer) a registered trade mark.

In my day-to-day job I have been writing on politics for more than 35 years – and for about as long I have been writing about beer. Trust me: the latter is more fun. If you deal all day with politics you need a beer or two afterwards. This is how I started to sample beers like a sommelier, to evaluate them as a judge and write about breweries and their specific craft as a professional beer-writer.

I definitely have fun doing all this. I conduct beer seminars. I shoot beer videos, write beer books. I give lectures on beer history, hold beer dinners – and most of all I keep in touch with brewmasters as well as with beer consumers around the world.

Shall we meet for a beer? Maybe: Just get in touch and let’s see. Cheers!

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Conrad Seidl's Beer of the Week

#179 "Brewdog / Hazy AF" (Style: IPA) - English