Conrad Seidl could talk about beer for hours. Or give a precise statement of just a few seconds – depending on the occasion. With more than 30 years of experience in the beer scene he knows his audience.
Conrad started working as a beer-sommelier at a time when no one else had an idea what the term beer-sommelier could mean. In the 1990s he organized travels for German brewmasters and brewery owners to the hotspots of the emerging US craft beer movement and thus helped develop a similar movement in Europe. He also takes American beer-afficionados on tours and cruises to the roots of European beer culture.
He finds the right program for any group interested in beer – just contact him to discuss your event.


Beer Seminars

Learn everything a consumer needs to know about beer – in a fun atmosphere where knowledge meets taste.

Beer Dinners

Beer is a great drink. But the drinking experience gets even better when beer and food are paired with creativity and expertise.

Beer Tastings

Taste beer like you never tasted it before and find out that beer is the most diverse drink in the world. Get to know the most relevant beer styles and experience the aroma and taste of different brews.
Präsentation des Bier Guide 2017


Beer-knowledge for professionals: Presentations of recent developments in the world of brewing and selling beer.